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Our clients range from Fortune 500 companies to emerging industry leaders. Our deep capabilities in strategy, organization, process, analytics, user experience, and technology help our clients improve their performance. We provide expert, objective advice to help solve complex business and technology challenges.


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Our Methodology

With the wide array of services which IAM Brands Interactive offers you, we are sure to provide the creative results you need to take your company to the next level. In order to provide you with the most complete and accurate service. Please take a few minutes to fill out the form below. The questionnaire will inquire about your specific industry, as well as, the services you require to ensure that you get the options you want when you do business with IAM Brands Consulting.

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GENERAL: What are your website design goals?

ProvideCommunityService BuildACommunity
BusinessPortal BusinessIntranet
SellAdvertising WholesaleProducts
SellWithCCPayment ShowProductsNoCC
Other purpose:
ECOMMERCE: Describe your e-commerce goals :
Sell online using credit card payment system? YesNo
Do you have a registered company? YesNo
GOALS: List some of your objectives/goals for your site

  • Should provide visitors everything they need to know about e-commerce (for a bank website)
  • When some one thinks of perfumes, they should think of our site (for a perfume website)
Describe briefly what you would like your website to do.
IMAGE: Describe the Image your website must communicate:
Conservative Corporate
Feminine Content driven
Friendly For children
Hi-Tech Family oriented
Academic Fun
International Other
Colors to use: Specify one or two model sites that show us the color combinations you want, or tell us what colors you would like to use in your website.
Look and Feel, Structure and Layout: List any sites you like. Doing this will help guide us when we design your unique website.
Web page sections: List the major pages that you would like to have in your site. These pages will be controlled from the CMS.

Features: Tick the features you would like to include in your website:
User registration Describe what Registered Users can do on your website:
Advertising Where do you want to display the advertising in your web page? Under header banner across page in 1 lineLeft ColumnRight ColumnBanner above textBanner below text
Will you supply a logo?
Logo Design: Do you want us to design you a logo? Please describe what you would like in the logo
BUSINESS: Help us understand your business goals
How many years has your business or organization been in existence?
How many employees do you have in your company or organization?
Describe your involvement in this project:
Is this project part of your job responsibility? YesNo
How involved will you be in the process of developing your site?
Additional information about your project here:
Have you had any problems when you outsourced a website project before? Please tell us about them:
When would you like to launch your website?
Technical Information
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Search Engine Registration and Website Marketing (SEO): SEO is a separate contract you can sign if you wish after we have completed your website. Please review the SEO pages on our website for more information. If you want us to promote your site to search engines, please complete the following questions:
How important is it to you to get a high ranking on Yahoo, Alta Vista and other big search engines?
How many visitors a day do you get to your website now?
Please list 5 key words that you think your potential visitors will use in a search engine like Google, Excite, or Yahoo while searching for a site like yours: (Keywords are words that people use in a search engine to search for your site. For example, if you sell jewelry, they might use words like: jewelry, gems, precious stones, etc.)
TELL us about yourself
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What is your level of understanding of the web?
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Whether you’re just starting your career or looking to take the next bold step on your journey, we have opportunities
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Our consulting services work extraordinarily well together

We work side by side with clients to support the changes required in strategy, organization, process, analytics, user experience, and technology to make transformation a reality. Complex projects require tested leadership, end user understanding, and deep technology expertise. Our three primary service areas naturally complement one another.