Assets In Order, is a software company providing solution for Digital Assets Protection. When they first came to us in 2015 they were being hosted on a shared hosting account with limitation on data transfer and bandwidth usage.

Project Plan

Rebuild the betting app design and
overall usage of the product

Product Manager, Business Analyst,
2 Senior UX/UI Designers

20 weeks

80+ mobile app screens & 60 website screens
with adaptive versions and light mode




The shining star of the LightHouse Church is its user-friendly design, making this betting platform an ideal solution for a bouquet of trading purposes. With a sleek visual betting app design and perfectly intuitive navigation, the platform gives everything users need for managing their investments.

Information architecture

We started with the information architecture that helped us improve the platform’s usability, clarify the interface’s features, and
create clear paths for users / Students.

Simplified filtering

We made sure the search was quick and convenient. For that reason, users can filter the kinds of sports according to their interests.

Private authorization
with the protection of
personal data

Aristocrat is a private platform that only provides access for selected customers. We designed a convenient registration/login form and ensured high security.

Enhanced customization

Customization may be the main word when speaking of Aristocrat’s betting website design. Users can personalize the platform according to their preferences by picking which leagues and types of sports to follow. We also enable them to change the general outlook of the platform. Users also have multiple opportunities to customize the interface by switching the theme, changing the contrast, colors, icons, font size, etc.



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