Mobile App Design
And Development

We use practical solutions for mobile to facilitate your business growth and brand recognition.

Mobile App Design
& Development

With a track record of success, and a dedication to the highest quality results, you can rest easy knowing your app concept is in the very best hands.

Combining out-of-the-box creativity with industry-leading technology, IAM Brands breathes life into your outstanding app ideas. We know how important your concept is, and how essential it is that we get it right – the first time out. That’s why we spend so much time learning about your goals, and crafting results that perfectly fit your vision.

From B2B to consumer-based apps, our innovative experts create designs your users will love. We can’t wait to give you powerful solutions that will blow your mind, and keep your customers coming back for more.

The Scope of Our Mobile Service

IAM Brands, offers a wide range of mobile application development services that you can use either
separately or together for your full-cycle development.

1. Consulting

Our comprehensive set of mobile app development services starts with consulting and business analysis. After analyzing your needs, we conduct research to define basic requirements, put priorities, and propose a feasible solution.

2. UI/UX Design

Our UI/UX designers always keep an eye on innovative and popular designing trends. A years-long experience and deep understanding of user psychology allow them to create some really user-focused and easy to navigate interfaces.

3. Frontend Development

IAM Brands, team will make sure that your frontend is scalable, functional, and, most importantly, accessible. With our team of dedicated front-end developers, you can be sure that the vanguard of your project is in the right skills

4. Backend Development

Our backend department got your back with any mobile app development solutions you need. You can expect a robust and secure back-end software architecture that you can rely on.

5. Mobile Application QA

Our mobile application development services include QA testing, and we firmly believe that this process is absolutely crucial in any area of software development. It ensures that the digital product that you deliver your customers is of the best possible quality.

6. Support and Maintenance

Even when the development process is finished and the app was successfully launched, we are still eager to help you to make it better and achieve new scores. So if you want us to, we can support and maintain your product for any suitable period of time.

Our Mobile App Development Process

There is a long and complex process that starts with receiving a client’s request and finishes with developing a mobile application and successfully launching it. Yet we apply the best methods and techniques to make this process run smoothly and to facilitate the efficiency of each of its stages.

We generally follow these steps for mobile application development:

Carry out a pre-analysis and define goals

Create UI/UX

Program on a
high level

Test and
fix bugs

Launch and support
the product

Technology we use

Top-notch mobile applications are built using the highest standards

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at IAM Brands

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